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This is about putting people first within the process of sustainable development, including the poor, the vulnerable and the excluded groups. This ensures that their input can help to shape poverty reduction policies and also that they have a role to play in the implementation process
Our expertise within the social development is strengthened by our experience in the field and particularly on building and local to develop diversity and strengthen local economies.
Our work has also given us particular know how in cross cutting issues in humanitarian/development in complicated environment.
Our people-centric approach gives us a unique perspective on the challenges faced and has led to genuine innovation in the identification of long term sustainable interventions to meet these challenges.

Today, we provide international programme management and technical expertise across a broad range of services in international development sector. Our services include a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of expertise structured around several specialist areas on which we have established a strong reputation: – Humanitarian programs

  • Health, Education, water and social service delivery
  • Conflict, governance and accountability
  • Social protection, social exclusion
  • civil society development, project management,socio-economic impact research.

We have wide experienced team of experts which delivers highest quality technical supports.

Principle and Theory

HAAN is interested in the social processes that are leading to improved resource use and recycle in rural areas in a changing world struggling to feed billions of humans. We see ourselves as designers, facilitators, innovators, trainers and learning in the variety of activities related to international development with the focus of post conflict societies living in poverty and insecurity.

There are many ways to improve people’s well-being.  Human development is an evolving idea—not a fixed, static set of precepts—and as the world changes, analytical tools and concepts evolve. We going to use approaches suitable for the purpose including:

  • Model economic development for people;
  • People centred approaches by the community;
  • Risk based approaches to natural resources and disaster risk management.

We see the importance of experiential learning processes in preparation, management and evaluation using appropriate stakeholders and techniques at each step to ensure the best mix of attention to the purposes of development and the analytical and specialist skills necessary to produce sustainable project or programs designs. We seek to support innovative development specialists technically and financially to develop their interests.
As a result of this successful approach, HAAN has been able to increase its network with well regarded development professionals both internationals and nationals based at various locations around the region and working with many of our key clients.

1) Provision of professional consulting services for international development agencies and finance institutions, bilateral agencies, national governments and the private sector.
2- contributing research and publicizing experts experience in the field   .

HAAN is dedicated to promoting sustainable development based on innovative and participatory approaches, which is also reflected in its own technical expertise.
HAAN continue as professional consultants associates within Africa and abroad, It currently has branch offices in Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Juba, Sweden and London, it also has liaison offices in Mogadishu and Kigali.

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