Through initiatives of HAAN and affiliate senior researchers which act an arm, has established reputation undertaking high level analytical research and published both academic article and studies reports. Today it offers extremely professional studies in manna areas.

The research department’s mandate includes instrument design and application, data collection, data processing and organization, data analysis, report writing and presentation. Some of the research packages on offer include market surveys, communication research, media and audience surveys, socio‐economic surveys, demographic, health, public opinion surveys, KAPs, governance, institutional performance, human rights, elections, constitution, baseline surveys, feasibility studies, situational analyses, monitoring and evaluation surveys.

Technical Expertise and Strong research team background
HAA has the technical expertise and capacity to collect, edit, clean, organize and analyze data fast and efficiently while putting premium and quality.  HAAN has the hardware and software to analyze data of any magnitude as affiliated to international markets leaders in research and communications such as SWECO, international a leading research firm operating in Europe and Middle East. This affiliation to one of the top three strategic and communications firms in the world. The affiliations provide HAAN with opportunities to access internationally tested research methodologies and analysis tools and adapt them to local conditions and requirements. The company has wide ranging experience in working with clients and implementing the following research assignments.
-Market surveys
-Market needs assessments
-Product Development
-Market Research
-Impact assessment
-Customer satisfaction surveys
-Communication research
‐Media & monitoring surveys
‐Advertising impact assessments
-Socio‐economic studies and surveys
-Baseline surveys
-Needs assessments and feasibility studies
-Project impact assessments
-Project monitoring and evaluation
-Opinion Surveys
-Political Opinion surveys
-Public opinion on socio‐economic issues