HAAN offers regular courses and training workshops in any country of Horn of as we offer full package of consultancy services: advisory, coaching, facilitation & process consultation, evaluation, project management, interim management and tailor made training courses. 
Our experts are highly professional, operating with high integrity and cultural sensitivity. Taking your context and experiences as starting point for further learning and improvement, we are known for our great flexibility and understanding.

You can call upon our experts with already a clear request in mind or if you simply feel that ‘something is not quite right’. Either way, our expert involves with you with great devotion to truly understand what is needed.  Course ranging from Project/programme management, M&E, strategic planning, finance and administration, human resource management, result based management, training of trainers (TOT), proposal writing and influencing, procurement and supply chain management, advisory skills and tools, capacity building and strengthening institutions, outcome mapping, result management for sustainable PSD, conflict resolution and peace building mechanism including negotiation skills.
Technical trainings courses also included:
– Soil, environment and water conservation
– Environment, social impact assessment and audits
– Participatory development approaches

The benefits of our courses include:
– Internationally prepared training materials
-Training materials based research and global best practices
-An in depth pre-course needs analysis, comprehensive course material
– real life needs analysis

Advocacy couching and training
Advocacy is a network’s strategic effort to influence policies of governments, private sector and civil society organizations. Networks use a combination of tools and strategies, specific to the issue and situation addressed.  If you want to learn how to influence policies and practices of other stakeholders in a structured and result-oriented way, this course will equip you with combined strategies, useful insights, tools and skills.